Job hunting

This is a nightmare. Pure evil driven nightmare. There’s been a huge hole in my heart since I stopped working with children to move out here. I thought a break from those germ infested monsters is what I needed. So I got a few retail jobs and hated it just as much as I always have. It just confirmed to me that working with children is what I’m supposed to do. My purpose. I have never been happier ( or stressed) than when I am working with kids. It’s just awesome.
So apparently here I need early childhood education credits to work with children. Which makes sense, but really? I have worked with children 7 years. YEARS. I have more experience with kids then people who just sit in those classes and cheat their way to pass. 7 years and over 40+hours of training courses isn’t enough. It’s good but I need a paper from a college to say that I know how babies are made to do what I love.
It’s sad too cause when I worked at Spirit Halloween, I talked to tons of people about kids. I don’t know how many times I said ” this is my first job without kids” to people and they told me how crappy their extended care is or how their staff could care less about the kids and it seriously breaks my heart. I would do anything to work for children and these people, because they can afford to go to college and bs through some classes, get to work with children?
And because I am from Phoenix, I have to pay taxes once in CA in order to get california resident college tuition. If not, I have to pay out of state. Which I can’t pay for. I probably can’t even afford in state tuition. Plus we moved In march so I can’t even take a class until fall 2013. Maybe summer If they have the classes I need.
Le fricken sigh.

A very much needed update

So the heat lasted maybe 3 weeks. It’s November and I am already freezing. Pretty sure my feet are frost bitten. 
But on a better note, we put up our first Christmas tree the other day. It’s small and modest, but fantastic. We have started to gather up some decorations since we wont be able to make it back to Phoenix for Christmas (tear).
It’ll be hard being away for the holiday. And I don’t think we will realize how much it sucks until it happens though. Kevin has to work the day before and after Christmas. We have been making some plans though. There’s a lot of movies coming out that I want to see. Like les misérables. In really excited about that one. There’s also maybe universal or Disneyland but well see. 
I wonder what other thing are going on for christmas in Los Angeles.

Here comes the heat

i think its time to turn on our air conditioners. it is getting hot up in here. We are just waiting for our land lord to buy us a new filter. until then we suffer. its not so much hot as it is just gross. it’s all humid and the air is stale. we only have one fan to move the air around. i think the air not moving is what makes it so nasty in here. I think its nice outside, just inside sucks. Im glad our dog Lyra is in Phoenix visiting cause she would be miserable here like this. 

Something that really irritates me though is it will be super hot in Agoura, so we will back our stuff for beach day!! Drive over the hills to malibu and its winter. Fog everywhere. windy. depressing. Hopefully now that its July it should warm up out there, or so i am told. We’ll see

3 months later…


Pretty much life after moving is a BIG deal. Trying to find a job. getting one. hating it. quitting it. It all can be very exhausting. And thats not even the half of it.

Life out here is not as amazing as we hoped. Don’t get me wrong. We like where we live, but it will never be Phoenix. And we will never be kids again. All these bills and rent and groceries. What the F. Plus everything seemed like it would get better by moving out here. I mean, it’s California. Los Angeles nevertheless. City where dreams come true. the Big city. New York but with less rats and pollution. Less being the key word there. People DREAM of coming out here. Some never even get the chance. And we lucked out. 

maybe my negativity is a result of this “june gloom” that everyone speaks of. I can only imagine when the time changes. that’ll definitely take some time to get used to.

At least we have made some pretty awesome friends. but it just reminds me of how much i miss my friends in AZ. 

I think I am at a point of where i am only looking at the glass half empty instead of full. but no matter how full or empty, filled with vodka or piss; either way, we still have a glass. need to appreciate what i have and get over being so blah.

Lyra, I don’t think we’re in Arizona anymore….

I am pretty sure there is a hurricane outside. It sounds like my apartment is going to implode. It has been raining super hard all morning and it’s only getting worse. AND I got called in early to work when I was hoping to call out because driving seems impossible in this weather. And Lyra ( my dog) is terrified and pooped and peed in the house.
Happy Friday the 13th I guess.

I should probably invest in an umbrella….