Here comes the heat

i think its time to turn on our air conditioners. it is getting hot up in here. We are just waiting for our land lord to buy us a new filter. until then we suffer. its not so much hot as it is just gross. it’s all humid and the air is stale. we only have one fan to move the air around. i think the air not moving is what makes it so nasty in here. I think its nice outside, just inside sucks. Im glad our dog Lyra is in Phoenix visiting cause she would be miserable here like this. 

Something that really irritates me though is it will be super hot in Agoura, so we will back our stuff for beach day!! Drive over the hills to malibu and its winter. Fog everywhere. windy. depressing. Hopefully now that its July it should warm up out there, or so i am told. We’ll see

Lyra, I don’t think we’re in Arizona anymore….

I am pretty sure there is a hurricane outside. It sounds like my apartment is going to implode. It has been raining super hard all morning and it’s only getting worse. AND I got called in early to work when I was hoping to call out because driving seems impossible in this weather. And Lyra ( my dog) is terrified and pooped and peed in the house.
Happy Friday the 13th I guess.

I should probably invest in an umbrella….